The Art of Money

Today I decided I’ve had enough and that its time to finally buy my first car. I recently got a new job making a pretty modest salary and my life has definitely improved. This is only a byproduct of now having money to afford some of the things I want and be able to pay […]

Always Ask Why

Today’s post will seem somewhat of a tangent but if you really read – you’ll get the message. I plan on using a few ideas to pave the way to my main point. So listen up. One thing I see people struggling with (something i’ve struggled with as well) is this idea of “possession“. This […]

You Don’t Matter That Much:
How To Not Give a Fuck

What i’m listening to: You Don’t Matter That Much: How To Not Give a Fuck One of the key steps to giving less fucks is to realize: YOU DON’T REALLY MATTER THAT MUCH. Yeah, harsh I know. BUT this is one of the most liberating things you will ever read. Sorry to break it to […]

6 Reasons To Start A Blog

1). You Get To Share Your Philosophies. People often ask me questions and i’ve found myself enjoying the process of giving answers and assisting people with their lives based on MY OWN experiences in life. Everyone has a philosophy. Whether its built by life experience on from reading, that’s neither here nor there. What’s important […]