1). You Get To Share Your Philosophies.

People often ask me questions and i’ve found myself enjoying the process of giving answers and assisting people with their lives based on MY OWN experiences in life.

Everyone has a philosophy. Whether its built by life experience on from reading, that’s neither here nor there.

What’s important is the fact that EVERYONE has some sort of philosophy.

The sad part is the vast majority don’t share or leave behind their philosophy for future generations or even for the current generation to see and draw ideas, inspiration, and their own philosophies from.

2). Writing is like Meditation

This is one of the hidden facts about writing.

It’s serves as form of meditation.

This fact is often overlooked due to the context we are often required to write in: work emails, essays for school, thesis, etc.

All of these are essentially forced writing as we aren’t free to speak and say what we want. We must use a FILTER in these contexts.

Well not with blogging.

Blogging allows you to write about whatever the fuck you want to write about and not give any shits whether someone likes it or not.


As you write, it forces you to be present with your thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

That’s if you want to produce good writing.

If you aren’t present, you’ll find that it’s hard to formulate and convey your thoughts in a digestible manner.

You’ll be all over the place and a reader will be lost.

So this is what forces you to be present.

3). Words Last Forver

Even after i’m dead and gone. The words I bleed onto this blog will last forever.

Even if this site vanishes at some point after I am gone there will always be an archive somewhere out there, i.e., sites like Wayback Machine literally takes multiple snapshots of your live website and archives it to be browsed at any given time!

Even if your blog changes.

It archives the entire site exactly how it was at the time of the capturing.

Fucking. Amazing.

Bottom line: These words will last forever.

One way or another.

4). Provide Value & Make Money.

Let’s cut the bullshit.

It takes money to purchase a). a domain b). a hosting provider c). a WordPress theme or take my time to develop one myself (Which i’ve done here). d). and last it takes my time to write here.

Although you may enjoy this, who wouldn’t love to profit from the sharing of my ideas and philosophies with the world.

Ultimately my personal goal is to provide as much value as possible in every post I write, the products I create, books I write, and on and on.

The goal should always be focused on maximizing the value provided.

Naturally, the world provides monetary value based on the value YOU provide.

Eventually, you always get what you deserve before it’s all said and done.

Instead of saying All about the Benjamins, it should read:


5). Write About a Wide Variety of Topics if You Choose to.

No one can tell you what to write about.

From regular life shit that happens toyou, stories, theories, dating, love, what planet humans will live on next, fashion( a topic I love by the way), cool books your reading to cool gadgets you find randomly.

It’s all yours to share and have no filter or be afraid of getting fired.

6). Forces You To Live and Grow

This is a big one.

One of the things i’m very excited about is the fact the Dapper and Savage FORCES me to live what I preach.

Truth to power.

It also forces you to live life as if it were a movie BUT, but, but, but with the requirement of documenting it all.

This is good because if you ever stop “living” and fall into complacency, you will know because it will become harder and harder to write new articles.

This simply a warning that you’re not living enough.

It will always give you that kick in the ass that majority of people lack in their lives.

7). If You’re an Artist, Your Blog is Art

I consider myself an artist.

From salsa dancing to my career as a front-end web developer/designer.

It’s all art.

When I first set out to build this blog I designed it as if it were an art piece.

Having a blog allows you to do the same and become a artist.

Think about it.

The possibilities are ENDLESS with an online business.

All it takes is dedication, motivation, persistence, consistency, and putting in the work.

Sounds like a lot?

It’s not more than you would be required to put in at any regular job….

Really consider that.

Remember, you MUST put in the work to get the life you want. Otherwise you will die with the life you’ve been dealt.

This is something I am internalizing daily.

It’s a harsh truth.

Until next time.


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