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You Don’t Matter That Much: How To Not Give a Fuck

One of the key steps to giving less fucks is to realize:


Yeah, harsh I know. BUT this is one of the most liberating things you will ever read.

Sorry to break it to you but if the world rested on your shoulders we’d all be fUcked.


You can wake up tomorrow morning and convince yourself you’re a martian and proceed to walk backward and the world really doesn’t give a shit.

The world will still spin.

Money will still be made.

Businesses will still be built.

Babies will still be born.

Nothing changes because of you and your decisions.

You can literally go talk to a girl you see and proceed to say the dumbest shit ever and guess what…

No one will give a shit.

People may look for a hot second and then they keep it pushing.

No one really cares.

But wait, there’s more.

That girl that you’re talking too, there’s news:






You just don’t matter that much.

Seriously, think about it.

You see, the biggest problem with most people (specifically Men) is that our egos are too invested in two things:

Who we think we are based on the feedback we get from people.

Example: if the feedback you get from people is that you’re a responsible and stable person then guess what? You tend to become more invested in that identity.

Our Pride.

This is a big one and one I struggled with and never realized it.

Most small people have big pride and seriously think they matter that much and must live life-based on what people expect from them and what society expects and must live up to expectations.

and if they were to fail? – Oh God, the world will be destroyed! Oh no!


The reason is this.

No one really wants to face reality and realize they are LITTLE.

People want to think they matter a whole lot and people WANT you to think you do too. It helps them be comfortable in their own bullshit too.

It’s a defense mechanism of sorts.

Pride is one of the heaviest pieces of luggage you can carry in your life.

Ironically, most people are so use to this burden that they don’t even realize it’s there anymore.

“If i’m not where I want to be by 30, then i’m a loser” – Typically thoughts of a prideful person.


“If I don’t get the next girl I talk to or not able to get sex when and where I want it, then i’m a loser and women just aren’t attracted to me”

These are the thoughts that are draining you and keeping you from what you want.

These are FACTS.

Don’t believe me? – That’s fine, you don’t have too.

Here’s the interesting part:

1). People who don’t care if they get ass or not….guess what.

They get more ass than YOU.

2). People who are fat.

They get more ass than you because they don’t give a fuck and accept themselves.

3). People with zero motivation, broke AF, and no ambition and are totally okay with that

Get more ass than you.

If you’re ambitious in life and set out on a path, don’t wonder if you’re doing the right thing or get caught up in a vicious cycle of comparing yourself to people.

You simply follow your path and follow it with 100% effort and not stopping constantly to wonder “if you’re doing the right thing”.

Fuck that noise.

The reality is, WHO KNOWS.

I don’t. Your mom doesn’t. and you don’t either.

There is no right thing.

There’s only what we do and what we build. Whether that goes “right” or “wrong” is all left up to perception and interpretation.

So in the end, does it really matter if you’re doing the right thing?

Does the world rest on your shoulders based on your decision to do what you think “is the right thing”?

F*** no.

And if it did, we’d all be dead yesterday.

If you have absolutely 0 ambition but you LOVE your life, there’s no reason to ever qualify yourself or feel like you have something to prove.

If you really think deeply about it, I would stretch to say that this person has killed their ego and pride.

They inherently realize they DON’T MATTER THAT MUCH.

*This isn’t an excuse to be a lazy fuck by the way*

Hard Facts:

There are NO rules for life other than eating, sleeping, breathing and surviving. Everything else is just add-ons we’ve made up.

Money, dating, marriage, jobs, reproducing( not required ), clothes, words, relationship standards


You could decide to live your life in the Amazon and dedicate it to training anacondas to be loyal to you and that would make only marginally less sense than what we do as “civilized” people.

So really think about this:

You don’t matter as much as you think you do and life is a funny as hell if you really think about it.

Stop acting like every single decision/action in your life matters and the world is resting on that decision.

ACCEPT what and who you are. Accept yourself.

This is the most liberating thing you’ll read and the most important step to NGAF.

Read this.

and read it again.

As many times as you need daily eventually you will internalize it.

Drop your thoughts below and let me know what you think!

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