Today I decided I’ve had enough and that its time to finally buy my first car.

I recently got a new job making a pretty modest salary and my life has definitely improved.

This is only a byproduct of now having money to afford some of the things I want and be able to pay my bills without stressing each month.

I’ve noticed that i’ve had a much calmer mind these days ( Thanks to daily meditation at 6am each morning ) but also my overall well-being has improved by having peace of mind financially.

Before getting this job I was making around 10k a year and let’s just say…


Of course, money isn’t an end-all-be-all but if you can improve one area in your life in the next 1-2 years:


This area leaks into all other aspects of life from dating to our decisions.

For example, today I had an opportunity to buy my first car.

I went to the dealer ship with cash and money available to get what I wanted.

However, something just didn’t sit well with me.

I had clarity to really think things through – and ultimately be rational and logical about it.

The dealership worked everything out.

The car drove well.

Everything seemed great and the deal was ready to be made.

However, something wasn’t sitting well with me. I’m not sure what exactly it was but it was something.

Maybe it was all too fast.

Maybe I wasn’t 100% confident in my decision.

It would have been instantly gratifying to walk off that lot with my the exact car I wanted but something told me….

“Not yet. This isn’t the right one for you.”

So what did I do? I negotiated a bit because after all maybe the gut feeling was that I simply felt I was paying more than the car is worth.

We haggled. The salesman brought his manager in.

His manager tried to play on my conscious with his bullshit story about “the man who started this company….” and they generally pulled out their best cards.

I wouldn’t budge. I felt in my gut that something was off and I felt like this was not the best deal for me.

They tried again to break me down and break my frame.

I looked them both dead in the eye and declined and told them I was walking away, in the most professional manor.

Todd the sales guy looked devastated.

He almost had one.

Part of me deep inside did feel bad for the guy because he generally worked hard and I know how hard it is to be a car salesman.

It’s generally viewed as a sleazy job.

But no fucks could be given when it involved myself and my future.

So I walked away. Not feeling an ounce of pitty because as soon as I decided to walk away I instantly felt better and that gut screaming feeling I had went away.

I also felt stronger and as if I have more willpower than ever before.

I almost had the car i’ve been wanting for the last 2 years in my hands…

Oh the gratification.

But I still had the courage and strength to listen to my balls, say no, and walk away.

This decision probably could have saved me from aches and pains down the road

After I left the dealership, I really thought about it.

If I did not feel as if I was in a position of power I don’t think I would have been able to walk away from the car dealership and say no.

Because of my new found purchasing power, I simply know I have options because I have the money to afford those options.

I am by no means wealthy or balling on any level, but am beginning to build a solid financial life and when you do that, you’ll have more clarity and more control in delaying things because you know you can do better or know there are other options out there.

So, if there is anyone recommendation to guys my age, younger and older is to do everything you can to improve your financial life and you will begin to see other areas of your life fall in place.

Importance of Practicing “Living Below Your Means”

This is one of the best pieces of advice I can offer when it comes to the art of money.

One of the reasons i’m beginning to enjoy new found financial freedom is the fact that I have lived on roughly 10k for the last 2 years.

No, i’m not proud of this and not suggesting you do the same.

But what I am suggesting is that it is VERY possible to live on half of the money you make.

Now that I’m making several times more than that, I still live as if I earn 10k per year without effort.

Mainly because I’ve trained myself to become accustomed to a very frugal way of life.

Lately i’ve been doing a bit of excess spending on things like clothes and books simply because these things put my in a position to earn even more money and educate myself;

So the art of money is simple and it doesn’t take a 1,000 word article to get the point across.

Here’s How:

Take your net income after taxes and divide it by 2.

This is now the money you will aim to live from in the next 6 months to 1 year.

Your goal is to get down to this level. If dividing by 2 doesn’t leave you enough for your rent, it means you are probably living somewhere that’s too expensive to begin with you need to seek out cheaper living arrangements.

If you absolute can’t then multiply your current net salary by .60 or any number up until .75 and aim to live from that.

I promise if you do, you’ll enjoy your money more and have more clarity in financial decisions as you aren’t always strapped for cash.

You’ll be able to put your money to places that you really want to put it instead of putting it where society tells you. i.e, buying a brand new car, buying a new home, taking lavish trips and charging it to credit cards and on and on.

Practice living on this income for a year or more and your life will improve 1000%.

You’ll have more money for savings, more money to travel, and more money to be able to say “FUCK YOU” to any situation you aren’t happy with, including your current job.

Drop a comment below and let me know your thoughts!

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